Cloths for all type of women

Frans Doni/ September 19, 2008

If we are talking about clothing for women, we are talking about never ending topics. We will not run out of things to discuss if we are talking about it. Yes, women’s clothing has so many variations, from the model, brand, material used, price, type and many more. Unlike the men’s clothing that has limited model.

Women whose are the slave of model, will always looking for the latest trend. Usually well known producers like Channel, Gucci and DKNY will introduce new model for each season. So they will have different model to use for summer, spring, winter and fall.

You don’t need to have a nice proportional body to wear clothes from famous fashion designer, for you who have petite, maternity, tall and plus-sized women they are also provided specially designed clothes that will fit to your beautiful body. Here are some tips of how to choose cloth for plus sized women. First, to make your body looks not that big, you choose the monochrome clothes. Second, pick vertical stripes clothes, because horizontal stripes will make you look huge. And the last tips you can add high heels to improve the shape of your body.

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